Lead 2 Feed

The Feeding Angels are a part of a student leadership program. The program is called LEAD2FEED. This free program combines a ten-lesson, standards-based curriculum on the topic of ‘leadership’, with the challenge of solving a service learning theme that students feel the need to lend a helping hand via a service-learning project. The leadership principles are based on the book, Taking People With You by David Novak, and focuses on self-awareness, working with others, setting a big goal and identifying a related charity to assist. Students will develop a solution and launch a plan to help solve issues in their community or around the world.

We are raising world hunger and recycling awareness in our school and community. Our goals are to help and feed as many people as we can. We will do this by having a can drive, working with soup kitchens, playing free rice and helping out in pantries as well.

This year we have decided to recycle bottle and cans and use the money to donate to help with The Flint, Michigan Water Crisis It’s not about how many we serve it’s about making a difference in someone’s life.