CEP Goals

We have very high expectations for our students, and thus, high expectations for ourselves when it comes to pushing our students forward. Below is a description of the school's Comprehensive Education Plan for the 2018-2019 school year.

Goal 1

By June 2019, students will become mathematicians by increasing their proficiency by implementing a math block so that teachers can focus on mathematics with homogeneous groupings as measured by at least a 10% increase in students scoring a performance Level 2 on the New York State Mathematics Exams and at least a 5% increase in Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory (SANDI) Operations and Algebra class average.

Goal 2

By June 2019, a targeted group of 12:1:1 alternately assessed English Language learners in grades K-5, whose home language is Spanish, will increase their language proficiency as a result of teachers creating safe and supportive classroom environments using culturally responsive instruction as measured by at least a 5 point increase on the Reading subtest of NYSESLAT.

Goal 3

By June 2019, Students will improve reading skills through the interdisciplinary collaboration of teachers and focused strategic reading instruction, as evidence by 80% of the standardized assessments students in grade 6-8 increasing at least 2 levels on a Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment.

Goal 4

By June 2019, P186X staff will participate in a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools (TCIS) training to promote a more conductive learning environment as communicated by the Principal's vision for a safe school community and to foster student's behavioral growth as measured by 5% reduction in students mandated for 1:1 crisis management paraprofessionals.

Goal 5

By June 2019, families for English Language Learner (ELL) students will be supported with educational, careeer, and legal resources, as evidenced by an increase in partnerships with community-based organizations from the current nine to fourteen community based organizations.


P186X 2018 – 2019 CEP Goal Progress Monitoring: