How ELL Students Are Identified

  • All new NYS admits in grade K through 12 (as well as those who have not been in a New York City (NYC) or NYS public school for 2 or more continuous years) have a Home Language Identification Survey (HLIS) administered and have one on file.
  • P186X has a Language Proficiency Team (LPT) for students entering NYS public schools with an IEP to determine if the student has language acquisition needs and should take the NYSITELL.
  • The Language Proficiency Team (LPT) includes:

o School administrator

o Certified ENL/bilingual teacher,

o Director of Committee on Special Education (CSE),

o Parent/guardian of student

o A qualified interpreter is available during meetings of the LPT.

  • The ENL/bilingual licensed teacher identifies the student as a potential ELL based on the HLIS, the informal interview and formal initial assessment in both the home language and in English. The Language Proficiency Team conducts the interview in English and in the native language during the intake process if possible. If not, the interview is re-scheduled for another day.
  • Spanish speaking Bilingual Counselors and Parent Coordinator are available at our school; the school ensures that the HLIS is available in the native language of the parents.
  • If the parent/guardian checks “Other” at least once in items 1- 4 and at least twice in 5-8 on the HLIS, then the child is eligible for NYSITELL testing after an in-depth interview and review of student work. If “Other” is checked in item number 5 and all others are checked “English” in 5-8, then the certified ENL/bilingual teacher establishes home language based on the interview. P186X ensures that parent/guardians and students over 18 are aware that they may request a re-identification process/review within 45 days of enrollment