Thinking Maps

P186X is excited to announce that we are now a thinking maps school!

Thinking maps

"Thinking maps are a set of visual learning tools that foster and encourage life-long learning."

Thinking maps can be used to help facilitate education at every level. They can be used to create student schedules, teach a daily living skill such as hand-washing, or encourage critical thinking during academic activities. Below are some examples of how we use thinking maps to help our students at P186X grow as lifelong learners!


Here is an example of a tree map being used to show student levels for our school wide PBIS system.


Here is an example of a tree map being used in a lesson on the community. Students created a tree map to visually organize the different types of people, places, and things found in the community.


Here is an example of how teachers can use a tree map to differentiate their lessons. Students work in groups for ELA and Math classwork that are differentiated based on student ability level.